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The inks of group AquaEco WF are self-crosslinking, water-based ink systems for surface printing.

  • shrinkable
  • good resistance to abrasion
  • very high lights fastness* and whether resistance

*The light fastnesses of the AquaEco WF ink system are ≥ 6. These data refer to the solid and are the literature references of the pigment producer. For more details on lightfastness please refer to our technical information: Lightfastness.


Intended applications

This ink series have a wide range of applications. For the packaging market, both “standard” applications, such as bags or pouches, as well as food and frozen packaging, such as toast packs and frozen meals, can be covered. Shrinkable PE packaging for the hygiene or six pack beverage market are also suitable market segments. Due to its high light and weathering resistance, it can also be used for outdoor applications.


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