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Process inks 575110 - 113

Pantone basic inks 575000 - 072



Print on plastic cups, buckets and lids etc.


Quality characteristics during printing

• low misting

• low odour

• good resistance against fi llings

• high scratch resistance



Product should be stored cool and dry in a dark place. Shelf life in unopened tins is 6 months.



Plastics like PP, PE, PS, PET and PVC etc. (if necessary print pretreatment). We recommend conducting pretests.


Our performance

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Aufgrund der Beständigkeiten gegen diverse Füllgüter können nicht alle Farbtöne in gewohnter Qualität erreicht werden.

These monopigmented mixing inks are suitable for the ink recipes with Gretag Macbeth™ Ink Formulation.



Supra UV inks for cup printing are developed especially for printing on plastic bodies. It is a 100% system, which is free off solvents and water. The inks only cure under the infl uence of UV-light. It is possible to print on a variety of substrates, such as PP, PE, PS, PET or PVC. Should the surface tension be less than 40 mN/m, we recommend pre-treatment of the substrate, e.g. with Corona. In most cases this leads to an improved adhesion of the ink on the substrate. The inks are suitable for printing wet-on-wet. Optimal processing temperatur lies between 20° and 45° C.



Supra UV inks for cup printing are recommended for the production of food packaging. The products indicated are formulated in such a way as to minimise potential migration through the plastic body or the set-off from the printed outer side to the food contact surface in the stack or the reel, having taken into account the purpose for which they have been designed. Note that set-off and migration are also dependent on the processing conditions and suffi cient barrier properties of the substrate. The formulation considers low odour and low migration. The inks are only suitable for indirect food contact.


The inks are generally suitable for the packagings for following food:

• All kind of odour- and taste-sensitive food

• Solid, paste-like or liquid, greasy or aqueous food


Excluded application

Supra UV inks for cup printing are not permitted for direct food contact. Furthermore the application for food packaging which is determined for microwave or baking oven is only admitted, if special appraisals for this application are available.


Curing conditions

The curing speed and therefore the printing speed is mainly dependent on the used UV-lamp and its power. Furthermore the curing is also infl uenced by the thickness of the ink layer and by the shade. At a printing speed of more than 450 cups/min we recommend to use a lamp with a minimum power of 25 mJ/cm2. Furthermore we recommend to print with an ink application between 0,7g/m2 and 1,6 g/m2. At high ink layer thicknes the total curing of the ink layer is not always guaranteed.



The binding agents of the cured inks show very good resistance against most of the fi llings. Water- and fat-containing foods belong to these fi llings as well as foods with different pH-values. Most important for the resistance against the fi llings are the pigments applied. These have been chosen analogical to the application and all show very good resistance against alkali, soap, butter, alcohol and a diversity of solvents.


Production and composition

The products listed above are manufactured in accordance with the EuPIA „Good Manufacturing Practices for the Production of Packaging Inks formulated for use on the non-food contact surfaces of food packaging and articles intended to come into contact with food (GMP)” The inks are formulated with polymere photoinitators and/or initiators with low migration potential. Special binding agents and monomeres are used which are almost completely included in the ink layer after curing.


Compliance with regulations

The manufacturer of the complete end-product and the packer are legally responsible for the appropriateness of the food packaging for its use in accordance with the regulations.



For cleaning of the rollers, printing plate and ink duct we recommend our UV Flexo Cleanser 390122. Commerical rollers and printing blankets are usually resistant against the cleanser and do not tend to swell. Nevertheless we recommend to test the cleanser on used material before usage.


Printing sundries

According rheology and viscosity the inks are set ready to printing. If required, printing sundries can be added.



UV Accelerator

We have optimised the content of photoinitiators in the Supra UV cup printing inks regarding curing speed and migrating components. Results of the migration potential at further addition of UV Accelerator are not available.



Should be stored at 15 to 20° C. UV-inks must not be exposed to direct sunlight. The shelf life in unopended tins is 6 months.



We recommend an inspection of the fi nished food packaging by an approved institute and we point out that not only the applied material but also the fabrication process can have an infl uence on the conformity of a packaging.



The information contained herein is based upon data believed to be up-to-date and correct at the time of writing. It is provided to our customers (and/or Analytical Contractors) in order that they are able to comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations, and orders. In particular, customers are under an obligation to carry out a risk assessment under relevant Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in-line with EU food contact legislation and as a result take adequate risk management measures to protect food consumers. Since the application and conditions of use are beyond our control the information provided does not represent a guarantee of any kind. The product’s performance and its suitability for the customer’s purpose depend on the particular conditions of use and the material being printed. We recommend that customers satisfy themselves that each product meets their requirements in all respects before commencing a print run. There is no implied warranty of merchantability or fi tness for purpose of the product or products described herein.



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