Whistleblower statement

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Jänecke + Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH bases its business activities on basic values and ethical standards such as integrity, honesty and compliance with the law. Our corporate culture is based on these values.
Unethical, illegal and irresponsible action harms the company and its stakeholders, i.e. customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners and employees. For this reason, your assistance is an important element in combating and preventing illegal and doubtful acts.
The establishment of a whistleblowing system should help to better identify possible misconduct.

Why is a whistleblower system important?

With the help of the whistleblower system, information about violations of our basic values and criminal activities can be sent to the company on a voluntary basis in a targeted, confidential and, if desired, anonymous manner.
However, many whistleblowers fear reprisals if they point out grievances. We have therefore commissioned Grant Thornton AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, which undertakes to receive such information while maintaining confidentiality and to objectively follow it up with the necessary professional expertise.

Reporting channel for whistleblowers

On the following page, you can access Grant Thornton's online-based whistleblower system.
The whistleblower system also allows whistleblowers to contact Grant Thornton for a personal conversation while maintaining anonymity.

Who should use the whistleblower system?

All employees who become aware of illegal or doubtful acts should use this whistleblower system if he/she is unable to discuss the issue with their supervisor.
However, any stakeholder of Jänecke + Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH who becomes aware of illegal or doubtful acts can also pass on this information via the whistleblower system. Ignoring and ignoring only increases both the damage and the frustration of an incorrect development.
We affirm that it is prohibited in any way that reports made in good faith will result in discrimination.

What should be reported about the whistleblower system?

Information about violations in the following areas can be provided via the link (see above):
  • Theft, bribes and monetary contributions
  • fraud, embezzlement
  • conflicts of interest
  • insider trading
  • Antitrust matters (violation of antitrust and/or competition law)
  • money laundering
  • Manipulation in the context of accounting
  • environmental protection
  • Health, occupational safety and operational safety

What happens after you submit a report?

Information that you provide via the whistleblower system is received by our partner Grant Thornton AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft and is checked there accordingly. There are no robots with automated answer settings behind this whistleblower system. Instead, every report is taken up and evaluated by qualified specialists and then advised by a team of experts. We take all information seriously and guarantee confidential processing, to the extent permitted by law.
In addition, each whistleblower — insofar as processing of the report permits — is regularly informed of the progress made in clarifying the facts they have reported.

More reporting options

Regardless of the whistleblower system, our employees still have the option of contacting their supervisors at any time with information.

Data protection

We are committed to data protection; this includes ensuring all data subject rights, including the rights of anyone against whom the whistleblower alleges a compliance violation. This also includes the right to provide information about all personal data of the person concerned processed in connection with the report. As a rule, the interested party's interest in receiving information about this data will persist as long as the investigation into the information received has not yet been completed. However, once the investigation has been completed, the request for information must generally be complied with. We therefore recommend that all whistleblowers take this fact into account when submitting a report, particularly if they wish to remain anonymous. In addition, you can find further information on data protection in the privacy policy on this website.
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