Precise color analysis and quality assurance in the printing sector

Eine Nahaufnahme der Laborarbeit bei Argus-Analysen.

Laboratory services for printing inks, varnishes and additives

Quality plays a role on many levels in the graphics industry. Unclean printing is of course immediately visible; if Cl requirements in the coloring or guidelines for food packaging printing are not met, the problem is already more difficult. In all cases, poor quality can have significant consequences for the printer. It is therefore useful to have reliable information on the level of quality at an early stage.

Argus combines comprehensive know-how in all aspects of analytical technology and current information on paints and their production. We use chromatography and mass spectrometry as core technologies. With their help, printing samples are comprehensively analyzed and the substance mixtures of the printing inks are broken down into their components and respective mass fractions.

This breakdown of printing ink into its components, for example when investigating migration processes, provides important insights into whether printing is permitted for the food or pharmaceutical sector. Argus provides a meaningful initial evaluation of the print sample at an attractive price/performance ratio and in a very short period of time. In this way, it is possible to identify early and cost-effectively whether the process meets all of the customer's requirements.

gas chromatography (GC)

GC is an analytical method for separating substance mixtures into their individual chemical compounds. The GC can only be used for components that can be evaporated in gaseous or undecomposed form (boiling range up to 400 °C; molar mass < 500u).

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

HPLC is also an analytical method that can be used to separate mixtures of substances into their individual chemical compounds. In contrast to gas chromatography, non-volatile substances can also be analysed using HPLC.

mass spectrometry (MS)

Methods for measuring the mass of molecules are referred to as MS. MS is an important method in analytical chemistry for elucidating the structure of compounds and the composition of mixtures.


GC-MS or HPLC-MS is the coupling of a gas chromatograph (GC) or a liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with a mass spectrometer (MS). This involves GC or HPLC to separate the substance mixture to be investigated and the mass spectrometer to identify (qualitative analysis) and/or quantification (quantitative analysis) of the individual substances.
Eine Nahaufnahme einer Laborbedienung bei Argus-Analysen.
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