Become a print expert through our individual training courses.

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J+S trainings and seminars - printing technology and printing inks

Boost the performance of your printing machines and expand your knowledge with our tailor-made training programs, which we tailor to meet your individual needs.

Why do you opt for training at J+S?

Share expertise

Our experts provide well-founded and practical knowledge at a high level.


Choose from our popular training topics or submit your own topic requests. We are happy to train your employees in German or in English.

Additional benefits with 
In-house training

Experience the world of printing ink and get to know the production and development process in detail on a tour of production and laboratory.

Individual training content

Choose from a wide range of topics or come up with your own suggestions. We adapt training according to your wishes and needs.

Participant limit

Maximum 10 people per course to ensure an effective learning process

Make an appointment

Please arrange training dates with us at least 30 days in advance.
Zwei Mitarbeiter von Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH nehmen an einer Schulung teil.

An overview of our training topics

General information about printing inks 
and procedures

  • Comparing printing processes
  • Printing problems — Identify and solve
  • Influencing variables in the printing press
  • And many more...

Print Color Management

  • color management
  • PANTONE mixing system
  • Authenticity of printing inks
  • And other exciting topics...

LMI (Low Migration Ink)

  • Food packaging printing
  • Food law for packagers
  • Migration analysis on food packaging

Special topics on 
Offset and UV printing

  • PSO (process standard offset)
  • Radiation curing technology
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Should you have any questions or need further information, we will be happy to help you - feel free to use our contact options.
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