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Jänecke + Schneemann

With almost 200 years of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to quality and innovation, we stand for trustworthiness and excellence in the world of color. Our story is one of passion, research and a relentless quest to deliver the best products for our customers. Dive into our company history and learn more about our values, mission, and the people behind the scenes who make us who we are today.


Our history goes back a long way and bears witness to a deep passion for printing ink. Starting out as a small family business, we have developed into a leading name in the industry through continuous innovation and a strong commitment to quality. Over the decades, our products and services have constantly evolved to meet the changing needs and technologies of the printing market. Each era in our story is a reflection of the hard work, determination, and commitment with which we strive to always stay on top and provide the best for our customers.


Tradition plays a central role in our DNA. Our heritage, shaped by decades of experience and know-how, serves as a solid foundation for everything we do. While we are always looking ahead and adapting to constantly changing market conditions, we never lose sight of the proven principles and values that have made us who we are today. Our tradition teaches us that quality, integrity and customer focus are not just business principles, but part of a rich heritage that we proudly pass on from generation to generation. This legacy inspires us every day to pursue excellence while honoring our deep-rooted history.


Our future is characterized by exciting opportunities and promising growth. Through continuous innovation, agile adaptation to changing market conditions, and the commitment of our talented team, we are well positioned to continue to play a leading role in our industry. Our strategic focus on sustainable development and customer-oriented solutions will enable us to gain a foothold in new markets and strengthen our existing customer base. At the same time, we are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices to ensure that we leave a positive footprint for future generations. We are optimistic and determined to master the challenges ahead and continue the success story of our company.
Ein Portrait der Familie Jänecke vor einem Gebäude der Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH.
Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH since 1843


Almost two centuries of passion and innovation in the printing ink market.

Ein Gebäude der Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH und der Himmel über Sehnde.


2018 - 175 years of Jänecke+Schneemann:

A remarkable tradition in the printing ink sector

175 years are not only an impressive period of time, but they are also evidence of a company history characterized by consistency, adaptability and excellence. In 2018, Jänecke + Schneemann celebrated this memorable anniversary and looked back on almost two centuries of successful work in the printing ink industry.

On August 31, this special milestone was celebrated with a big anniversary celebration. The event was more than just a celebration; it was a moment of pause, reflection and appreciation. Numerous invited guests, including long-standing business partners, employees, family members and representatives from Hanover and the printing ink industry, came together to celebrate this important moment.

Ein Gebäude der Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH und der Himmel über Sehnde.


Since 2013, the new offset and UV ink production facility in Höver has marked a decisive milestone in the rapid technological development of the graphics industry. As a traditional family company, Jaenecke+Schneemann has always accompanied this change in order to guarantee the highest quality standards. By relocating, we were able to significantly improve our services and support customer projects even more effectively. Jaenecke+Schneemann is your trustworthy partner in almost all printing processes.

Ein Portrait von Friedhelm Jänecke.


A special recognition

In an impressive testimony of commitment, innovation and corporate management, Friedhelm Jänecke was honored by Sparkasse Hannover in 2005 for his outstanding achievements in the previous year. His title as “Entrepreneur of the Year 2004” is not only recognition of his individual achievements, but also a reflection of the continuous striving for excellence that distinguishes Jänecke & Schneemann as a company. This award from such a renowned financial institution as Sparkasse Hannover underlines the central role that the company plays in the printing ink industry and in Hanover's business life. It was a moment of pride for the entire Jänecke & Schneemann team, which always strives to set and meet the highest quality standards.

Anfahrt Map Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH


2003 marked the 160th anniversary of Jaenecke+Schneemann, which was celebrated with the inauguration of a new production plant for liquid paints on the outskirts of Hanover. This expansion was a direct response to the company's increasing sales figures. The globally recognized product quality required expanded capacities. The company has thus successfully adapted to future challenges and opportunities.

Rauch von einem Großbrand.


In 1986, Jaenecke+Schneemann suffered a severe blow when the entire flexo building, including the special machinery, was destroyed by fire. Despite this setback, management immediately decided to start rebuilding. Through determination and targeted efforts, production was resumed just one year later. This event underscored the company's resilience and commitment.

Die Vogelperspektive der historischen Produktionsstätte von Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH.


1957 marked an important milestone for Jaenecke+Schneemann when the company moved to Podbielskistraße and expanded to an impressive total area of 20,000 m². This step paved the way for a period of intensive investment in the following years. The main focus was on modernizing production and, in particular, research. This underlined the central role of research at the heart of the company Jänecke + Schneemann.

Ein zerstörtes Gebäude


After 1945, in a period of uncertainty, it was Dr. Ludwig Jaenecke's tireless entrepreneurial spirit that drove the resumption of production at Jaenecke+Schneemann. The new start of the company took place with the production of shoe polish. By 1947, they ventured back to printing ink production, and the decision paid off: Demand rose rapidly and led to a doubling of the number of employees in a short period of time.

Gebäude nach dem letzten Weltkrieg

1933 - 1945

While Jaenecke+Schneemann was able to maintain domestic production despite the decline in the market after the First World War, a bomb attack on Hanover during the Second World War led to the complete destruction of production facilities. The end of the war left the company in ruins: There were no functioning machines, no raw materials and no personnel. In addition, the valuable recipes had been destroyed and the money available in the company had lost its value as a result of inflation. Jaenecke+Schneemann therefore faced enormous challenges.

Ein historisches Plakat von Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH.


In 1855, Jaenecke+Schneemann began to expand its presence internationally by launching the first export orders. To support these global ambitions, warehouses were opened in Vienna and Warsaw. Even in these early years, the company recognized the importance of adapting to changing market requirements worldwide. This proactive approach has shaped the company and continues to this day.

Eine Illustration der ehemaligen Produktionsstätte.


1851 was a year of remarkable business success for Jaenecke+Schneemann. With increasing demand and growing sales, the company expanded by consistently expanding the company premises. The outstanding product quality was soon recognized, which brought the company first prizes and awards. It was a year that underlined the commitment and excellence of Jaenecke+Schneemann.

Ein Bild von Brüder Jänecke und Friedrich Schneemann die den Grundstein legten.


On August 26, 1843, the brothers Jänecke and Friedrich Schneemann laid the foundation for their vision by deciding to produce printing inks. This endeavor quickly bore fruit, as production of the first letterpress blackens was started just two years later. Their commitment and innovative spirit led to the founding of one of the first printing ink factories in Germany. This marked the beginning of a significant era in the country's printing industry.

Das Logo der Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH in groß und schwarz.
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